Making a Comic, Part 5

The finished product! Last week was our final class, and everybody brought in their printed sheets to fold, trim, staple, and trade. There are a bunch of little things I'd change, of course, and I'd like to print some new copies with a little better contrast, but overall I'm pretty proud of my little minicomic. In ten years, I've gotten pretty accustomed to seeing 300- and 400-page magazines that I've worked on, but this little guy was all me, and it's a pretty cool feeling just to hold a copy.

I plan to scan in the pages and post the whole thing here, webcomic-style, but if anybody wants a printed copy, I've got plenty. And if you're in New York and are interested in taking this class, I really can't recommend it enough. It's Cartooning Basics at the School of Visual Arts, and the instructor is Tom Motley, a really talented cartoonist and teacher. The class is great for people of all skill levels, so don't feel like you need to know too much going in. If you're interested in making comics on any level, it's the perfect place to start.