Summertime Jams and U92's New Zine


The latest issue of Wireless, the official zine of my college-radio alma mater, U92, is now available for download - you can grab the PDF, plus the first two issues, here. (If you're in Morgantown, you can also stop by the station and pick up a print copy.)

I wish we'd been doing these during my tenure at the station. There's something impossibly romantic about little underground mags like this; they speak directly to my inner J-school student, his fingers still all smudgy with newsprint, his head buzzing with strange new chemicals and a surface-at-best understanding of Hunter S. Thompson's importance as a journalist. Those truly were the days.

Anyway. Yeah, it would have been a lot of fun to work on this. If you're into college-type music, give it a look. There's a good summer-festival roundup, some interviews with people I've quite frankly never heard of, a handful of reviews and previews, and even a chana masala recipe. Something for everyone.

One thing that caught my eye was the Favorite Summer Albums feature on p. 32. I'm having a hell of a time coming up with my top summer long-player, but in terms of songs, I'm thinking it's mighty difficult to top this one.

Of course, if I'd played that during a regular airshift, Alex would have drop-kicked me out the back door or made me eat a copy of Soul Mining or something.