Summer Fridays and Brian K. Vaughan

My friend (and fellow U-92 alum) Bill Pearis knows as much about music as anyone you or I have ever met. He covers new music and NYC shows on his blog, Sound Bites, and he also writes a column for the hugely popular Brooklyn Vegan, which is both a blog and a person. Bill just started a new feature today called Summer Fridays - he's posting a new downloadable mix every week, complete with cover art and fancy segues. The first mix is fantastic, and not just because it features XTC's "Life Begins at the Hop." Don't miss it.

Also, I skipped out of work early yesterday so I could go to Midtown Comics and meet Brian K. Vaughan, who was doing a rare signing (I think it's actually his last for 2008). Vaughan is probably best known for his series Y: The Last Man, about a sudden, catastrophic event that kills every male on Earth but one guy and his pet monkey. He's also a writer and executive story editor for Lost, and I'm not alone in believing the show improved tremendously as soon as he was brought in, late in season three. Other notable works include Runaways, Ex Machina, Pride of Baghdad, and a recent arc about Faith for Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 8.

The line stretched almost a full city block when I got there, about 15 minutes before the 5:00 start. I turned into a blubbering jackass as soon as I got to the table where Vaughan was signing, but I did manage to ask if he had plans to return to the Buffy series, which picks up after the events of the TV series finale. He said there was nothing official planned but that he would jump at the chance if series creator Joss Whedon asked. (Whedon also took over writing duties on Runaways after Vaughan's run ended, and Strangers in Paradise creator Terry Moore is set to succeed Joss.)

Vaughan is only going to get more popular and successful - he's on my short list of People Who Will Rule the World - so keep an eye out (and pick up the first trade collection of Y, "Unmanned", while you're at it).