Things I'm Hopelessly Addicted To


- Cholula hot sauce I used to order it from Mexico, two cases at a time. It makes almost anything taste better. I recommend it on eggs, meats, or any under-seasoned Mexican delivery food. (Pro tip: Fill a shot glass with 'Lula, crack a roasted-in-the-shell peanut about halfway, dip, enjoy.)

- Amazon Prime Combined with One-Click buying, it will prevent me from ever retiring. But I am not waiting 6-10 days.

- Now & Laters My all-time favorite candy, Sugar Daddies being a close second. They're maddeningly difficult to find in the wild, and they seem softer and more taffy-like than they were back in the day. That makes me sad.

- Nicotine lozenges You're technically only supposed to use these for twelve weeks. Ha.

- The internet My Google Reader feeds alone...yeesh.

- Peppermint-stick ice cream Again, not easy to find, but I will eat it until I'm sick, any time, day or night. I've never seen it in New York, actually, so if you have the means, you have my permission to have a quart or two packed in dry ice and shipped to me. No pressure!

- Blog stats The real pleasure of having a blog is seeing the Google searches that bring strangers to your site. Some of my favorites from the past few months: tom waits soccer (I'd like to see him try), picters of ciggerettes (so close!), incent sex galleries stills (ew! for spelling and intent!), and wil wheaton furry (something you want to share, Mr. Wheaton?).

- Editing I fix grammar, punctuation, and usage all day long, and that's not something you can just turn off. My free time is spent mentally copyediting menus, TV captions, and, worst of all, the internet. Reading YouTube comments is like waterboarding myself.

I'm sure there are more, but this'll do for now. How about you?

Cholula pic from Gatan Lee's Flickr stream.