James Lileks on Walt Disney World

I'm not shy about my love for Disney World. My family made the trip from Pittsburgh to Orlando every few years when I was growing up, and it was worth every single 17-hour drive (Dad's not big on the air travel).

Columnist and blogger James Lileks has written about Disney before, and he just finished a four-day series of posts chronicling his latest trip. They're critical and admiring and frequently hilarious:

I’m neutral on the whole Aladdin thing, but whenever you see the Genie, you have to brace yourself for a sudden gust of Robin Williams. If the Genie ever came up to us in the park, thinking my child would want an autograph, it would take all my power not to grab him by the collar and shout DON’T DO JOHN WAYNE IN A GAY BAR OR ANYTHING ELSE THAT WAS FUNNY WHEN YOU DID A LOT OF COKE.

Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4. (Be sure to watch the brief video clip near the end of the fourth entry. Ahhh...Tomorrowland.)