People of New York, you are super f--king lame.

Spinning: Super Furry Animals, Love Kraft

So last night, after about eleven years of waiting, I finally got to see one of may all-time favorite bands play: Super Furry Animals. And even though they were thoroughly awesome and completely rocked the house and dressed up in electric fireman hoodies and played absolute classics like “Something 4 the Weekend” and “Run! Christian, Run!” and a medium-sized version of the sometimes-30-minute hit “The Man Don’t Give a Fuck,” the single of which featured a photo of footballing coulda-been-legend Robin Friday flashing the backward V and which, despite dropping something like 50 f-bombs, still made a splash on the UK charts, yes, despite all that, the citizenry of Gotham still managed to ruin it for me.

You see, SFA were originally scheduled to play two consecutive nights here. Geek that I am, I immediately bought tickets for both shows in a kind of make-good for missing out on them all these years. But two days ago, I found out that the Sunday show, tonight’s show, was canceled due to poor ticket sales. Poor ticket sales? For the BEST BAND, LIKE, EVER? The band that once featured a guest appearance by Paul McCartney, whose sole contribution was chewing celery and carrots into the microphone? The band that used to dress up in full-on Yeti costumes for their gigs? The band that wrote “Juxtaposed With U” specifically to be a duet with the pre-reality-disaster Bobby Brown? And you jackasses couldn’t even be bothered to show up. The worst part was, they actually honored tickets for the Sunday show at the Saturday show, meaning practically nobody in this sleaze bucket of a metropolis could be bothered to attend the shows.

New York, you’d better have a damn good excuse. A better excuse than “I hate Webster Hall,” too, because so do I, but I sucked it up and went anyway. Unless you had a death in the family or were having something amputated—something important—you have no excuse. Get your shit together.

In slightly better news, I also got a chance to see Elbow play a sneak preview gig on Thursday. This was their only North American show for 2005, but they’ll be coming back this way early in ’06. You so need to go.

I also got a really good bear claw this morning at Connecticut Muffin. So I guess the weekend wasn’t a total loss.

Sorry I’ve been slacking on the posts lately. This site will return to normal if and when I do.