Sunday miscellany.

Spinning: Van Morrison, Magic Time

That Van the Man link up there? Click it. Unless you’re some kind of asshole, you’ll dig this album. His best in a decade or more.

If I ever write a country song, which I won’t, it will be called “I Set Myself Up To Let Myself Down.” I just like how that sounds.

Newcastle thumped West Brom 3-0 today. I’ve never felt this way about a man before.

In high school, I played in a fancy rock ‘n’ roll combo. Our bassist, Jarrod, went on to fame and fortune with white-boy hip-hop group Grand Buffet. While reading a review of one of their recent gigs, I came across the line “Groth looks like a long haired version of Kubiak from Parker Lewis Can't Lose.” Just when you think you’ve got a handle on pop-culture references, some dude named Eddie Ciminelli raises the bar. Bravo.

Quote to start your Monday right: “Visualize success, but don’t believe your eyes.” (The New Pornographers, “Jackie”)